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We buy, process and distribute grain, oilseeds and other commodities to makers of food and animal nutrition products. We also provide crop and livestock producers with products and services.

Since 2017, DBS Agro  has been manufacturing and supplying compound feeds, protein-mineral supplements, premixes for farm animals, as well as raw materials for their manufacture by other enterprises.

Our food for animals won the trust of more than 100 farms only in Ukraine. In addition, we supply products to any corner of Canada, Brazil, Argentina Egypt, South Africa, Turkey, and some European countries.

DBS Agro is a wholesale supplier that promotes the development of farms around the world. In addition to providing first-class products in the form of grain, bulk mixtures, waste from the production of vegetable oils and fodder yeast,


Canada is the world’s largest supplier of pulses, with Canadian pulses being exported to 130 countries around the world. Canada’s land base is well-suited for growing peas, lentils, beans, chickpeas and faba beans. The majority of Canadian pulses are grown in the prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, with bean production concentrated in southern Ontario and Quebec.

Pulse production in Canada has grown rapidly in the past decade. Canadian pulse farmers seed an average of 3.5 million hectares of pulses per year. In 2016, Canadian pulse production hit a record high of 8.4 million tonnes. More than 85% of Canada’s pulse production is exported to feed the world.